Hila Ohayon Efraim

I love my work so much. I enjoy very much to create, and I am an avid fan of the principle of accuracy.
I put a lot of efforts in the work process, as this is so important to me.
My expertise is practical engineer of architecture and interior design. I have achieved my training from The Jordan Valley College, accomplished with honors degree.

I have started working as an architect in 2007, accumulating a lot of experience and knowledge throughout the way.
I have a special attraction to private house planning, and I bring innovation to my plans and designs as a figment of my own imagination. Every piece of my design is a One Piece, with respect to its location inside the house, its colors and the materials around it.

I can say with much pride that my customers enjoy a calm and quite process. My belief is that the way is important at least as the result. My customers can definitely indicate that the process of planning and designing their house was pleasant and carefree, it is truly POSSIBLE.
A creation of a house is an exciting step in life, and as such, I have the pleasure and privilege to accompany people in the precious moments of a house coming into being. I meet closely the household members, getting to know their life style and way of thinking. My customers learn to trust me and my work, while sharing with me and exposing me to their personal world. I create for them a home, which is a significant relationship.
I arrive to the first meeting open minded and with my big heart, ready to go on this new road together.
I would love to plan your house